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Pre-Employment Screening
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Our Pre-employment Screening Service is available to assist you with your important hiring and current employment decisions using Accurate, Thorough, and Timely Reports.

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We can provide you with any one or more - or all of the below reports to meet your specific needs. Many other reports are also available. Average Turn-around Time 24 - 72 hours.

* Criminal History Search: Criminal record searches NATIONWIDE for other city, county, state and Federal courts. Over the past seven years, criminal records searches are conducted for an applicant based upon identifiable data including name, aliases, date of birth, social security number and residence addresses.

* Credit Reports: A credit report provides the applicant's personal financial history along with their creditor information. It may also reveal how long the applicant has lived in an area, past and present employers, how they handle financial affairs and may include information such as bankruptcy, excessive debt, lawsuits, judgments and tax liens.

* Educational Verification: Educational verification includes verification of dates of attendance and type of degree(s) awarded to the applicant. Note: Provide name, city and state for academic institution.

* Employment History: An employment history is obtained by contacting all employers for the past seven (7) years on the employment application. Exception would be former employers out of business, employers the applicant has listed as "do not contact", or employers outside the United States.

* License Verification: Professional licenses are verified in the state issued as indicated on the employment application or resume. This report contains information indicating if the applicant is in good standing, date of expiration and the name of the person and agency reporting the information.

* Professional Affiliation Verification: Professional affiliations are verified to determine current membership in such professional associations as the applicant indicates on the employment application or resume. This would include such associations as the ABA, AMA, AHA and other leading national associations. This indicates if the applicant is in good standing, date of expiration and provides a membership number when available.

* Drug Screening And Testing (Urinalysis): In the USA, some form of drug testing in the workplace takes place - and the benefits have become abundantly clear, with marked reductions in accidents, litigation, ill health, absenteeism, reduced productivity and crime.

Our services include testing of the common nine narcotic drugs: Amphetamines, Barbiturates, Benzodiazepines, Cocaine, THC (Marijuana), Methadone, Methaqualone, Metabolites, Opiates, PCP. (False positives and some prescription medicines take additional days.)

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