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   Network Engineer

Minimum of 10 years experience working in enterprise networking environment including experience performing basic configuration and documentation of IP enabled voice and data network. Understanding of Cisco product line and an understanding of integrated communication services (VoIP, Wi-Fi) and WAN circuits and services (T1’s, Frame Relay, TLS). Experience with the implementation of enterprise voice and data network hardware protocols like MPLS, SIP and Multi-cast. Understanding of interior and exterior routing protocols and be proficient with other network services and configurations like VLANs. Ability to work independently to configure, manage and troubleshoot multi-protocol network elements throughout the OSI stack to ensure effective end-to-end communications for DOH. Experience supporting network architect and network management teams. Understanding all aspects of enterprise networking and having prior experience in the design and deployment of large integrated communication networks/services in a large scale enterprise environment. Experience working with Cisco and Avaya products and services an have an expert level understanding of network security.

   Required Skills:

1.  Required for maintaining all network switches, routers, wireless access points, voice communication systems/servers, network services (DNS, DHCP) and network ancillary devices.
2.  Oversees internal and external routing protocols, network capacity plan,VLANconfiguration redundancy and alarm/event monitoring.
3.  Manages network security through active monitoring of the networks systems and services, network scanning support for IT intrusion detection and firewall services.
4.  Promote industry best practices.
5.  Comply with open standards.
6.  Act as a liaison to OCTO’s IT team.
7.  Work with Network and Communications staff in the day-to-day operation including configuration and maintenance of network equipment, monitoring of network performance and systems administration of network devices and hosts with a particular emphasis on switches, routers and network/communication servers.
8.  Install a variety of network hardware and network technologies.
9.  Assess hardware and software configurations and recommend products based on requirements and manufacturer specifications.
10. Configure equipment and software.
11. Work in a team environment.
12. Assist and design.

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